Independence ZA’s Patron, Vinny da Vinci

Independence ZA is extremely proud to have as our patron Vincent Motshegoa, aka Vinny da Vinci, South African DJ, producer and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Vinny’s rags to riches tale is as relevant today as it was during 1980’s South Africa, with the hardships of Apartheid substituted in the case of our beneficiaries by the pain of HIV-AIDS.

Trustee’s Biographies

Tim, founder and trustee, developed the idea for Independence ZA following an eye-opening conversation at a wedding in Pretoria in 2004. The prospect of helping young South Africans become independent appeals to his spirit of enterprise. Tim works for Thomson Reuters and lives with his wife Rachel in London. Cricket, travel, wine, economics and, for his sins, Bafana Bafana interest him.

Contact Us

Independence ZA
23 Seymour Road
W4 5ES
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 7407 5493



Paul is the company secretary of Independence ZA. He has lived in London since 1999 to 2007 before moving back to Johannesburg. Paul is a lawyer specialising in commodities trading. His true loves are Maddy, Angie and the Karoo

Mark Netto is an expatriate South African living in Ibiza who has always relished the opportunity to give something back to his country. He has spent his entire career in the entertainment sector and is currently the Events Director for chic nightclub brand Pacha, with over 20 franchises on 4 continents. Mark manages some of Spain’s top dance acts and is an A&R for Pacha Recordings. His past events have featured some of the world’s biggest Dance and Hip-Hop acts. His contacts and experience in events production and the music industry are valuable tools for developing successful charity events. Mark’s interests include loud shirts, horticulture, South African sports and the Silver Surfer. He is married to Dalene and has a daughter, Aura

Jakub was born in Poland, educated in South Africa and New Zealand. Currently residing on the Gold Coast in Australia. The idea of doing something truly worthwhile and inspirational in South Africa, while catching up with good old friends, appeals to him very much. He believes in families and hope for the future.